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[21 Mar 2006|01:30pm]
[ mood | blah ]

due to the nature of my posts recently, its gonna have to be.

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if you want in, but your not in, now is your chance to post.

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[15 Mar 2006|12:20pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

just got out of western civ 2. always fun fun. last night was fun actually. hung out with durgin at the mall for a while. saw cora. looked at a bunch of books in borders. etc. then we went to hannafords so joey could purchase a raw chicken. and some boca chik patties. kind of pointless there. but whatever. everyone is giving up meat. fucking weiners. i dont care what statistics come out. im still goign to eat meat. even if they start saying eat a hamburger will give you a brain tumor..automatically. which i wouldnt put past alot of these radical vegans. anywho. we hung out at chris'place for a little while. there was a flock of people there. including jenny, spencer, anthony, some sarah girl he brought with him, dont know her, ash, and of course ween. later in the night wayne corsa(sp?) and some other people showed up. had a fun time watching The Warriors. had never seen it before. it was really cool. it couldve been alot better, like if i say i were to re write the script, (there would be bigger cooler gang fights) but it was still cool. abbie and i are due to hang out of thursday (tommorow) which is good. i dont get to see her enough. we can only hang out for a few hours. but thats still cool. you know what else is cool? i dont have to drive and go get her, she driving over herself! yeap. she passed her road test. congrats to her. she can drive us places now. imagine that. i cant. but we'll see. im going to see her play on saturday. i accidently told her and ash that i was going friday but noo, im going saturday. i got my schedule so that i work 9-6. just for abbie. friday i have work till 9 of course. i have work today 5-9. which is gay i could come in at 1 but noo, not till 5. malarky. so i have 4 hours right now to burn. id like to go out to lunch with someone. but the question is, who and what?

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[14 Mar 2006|11:31am]
[ mood | amused ]

alright. were gonna have a big hang out tonite. i get outta school at 3:20. im gonna call up durgin, chris, jenny, and whoever else, and were all gonna screw around at the mall/wherever. its gonna be fun. and since jenn and joe want to have an ice cream party. we should go to friendlys. they have killer ice cream. i can hear joey now though..uhnnn..friendlys is like, 6 dollars. i should call them up soon. reserve their precious time. god knows how busy those crazy kids get.

ok. and a random thing. this weird kid next to me told me to go to this website and its actually quite funny. anyone reading this needs to go to this website and pick out their favorite fact about chuck norris, and include it in their reply. mine is

"Chuck Norris owns the greatest Poker Face of all-time. It helped him win the 1983 World Series of Poker despite him holding just a Joker, a Get out of Jail Free Monopoloy card, a 2 of clubs, 7 of spades and a green #4 card from the game UNO."

there are some pretty funny ones. joey would love this


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[13 Mar 2006|10:34am]
[ mood | bored ]

hello kids. another update. my weekend was complete crap minus the night i get to spend with abbie. the rest was work work work. oh, and i got wasted with mike. that was alright. im getting low on alcohol. need to re supply. durgins home for spring break so im sure hes gonna wanna drink. which is cool. im gonna hang out with him today. and prolly call up jenny and see if she wants to hang out with us as well. should be fun. abbie is of course o so busy. cant hang out with her boyfriend. we had a nice time saturday night though. she got to spend the night. we watched The Notebook. yes. i know. i was feeling generous so i let her bring a girly movie. that movie is sad though. really. i teared up when the poor old guy was crying. its just so sad to see an old guy cry..it really is. abbie was asleep by that point. the only problem with that movie is i could predict the entire movie after like 20 minutes. it was obvious once they split apart that some magical way they would get back together. and that the old people were the main characters. the only curve ball to that movie when compared to the 300 movies just like it, is that in the notebook, the soldier guy she falls in love with isnt a douchebag that like cheats on her, and beats up the poor guy who didnt get the girl and is like "ha ha, the bitch is mine... cock wrecker." he actually loves her. oh well. thats all for now kids.


so much for hanging out with friends. not tonite im afraid. good old walmart called me in to close for the connection center. so i have to go to work. ill be there until 9. yay. cya later friends. maybe ill hang out with you two tommorow.

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[10 Mar 2006|09:58am]
[ mood | crappy ]

just got outta piano. had my test, i think i did fine. i have to go to work! arggg. it seems like alot of my friends are coming out of long term relationships. chris and ashley of course. it appears durgin and janet are done with. barrett is now single, he was off and on with sarah for a long time. jeezum, seems to be a trend. girls are getting a break up with their boyfriends bug. hopefully abbie doesnt catch it. i dont wanna be back on the market. heh. although im sure theres plenty of girls that WANT me to be on the market...i love abbie. shes been busy lately. never has time to see me. tsk tsk.

grumble. i have to learn a piece by monday. my midterm! i have no time to play it though! i have no piano at home...i dont like playing at abbies either. i just feel weird..her watching me. i need to find a keyboard. either that or fashion a piano from scrap wood... hmm... we will see. doh...have to leave for work soon... damnit. 11-8...fucking 9 hours of walmart. i hate the people there... not the people i work with, just the stupid ass customers. and our STUPID fucking managers. they arent dicks like at price chopper, its just like theyre brain washed or something into thinking we have to completely go by good ol uncle sams policies or were going to hell! oohh noo. maniacs. dont you hate when someone is sitting next to you and they are blatantly looking at your screen? some chick yesterday forced herself onto the chair next to me. mind you this woman was probably a good 350 lbs. and in my head im like oh god...please dont smell bad... well she didnt. but she was just staring at my screen for ever. i just to follow the contours of the rolls on her neck to know she was looking at my screen. (im going to hell for that one.)

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[09 Mar 2006|02:00pm]
[ mood | hurried ]

PAID TODAY BITCHES. yes. 2 weeks of hard labor boiled down to $353.72. 100 bucks to kay jewelers, 130 to car insurance, 50 to gas tank. im already back to broke, within an hour man. well, i still got some, but thats for gas till my NEXT pay check, 2 weeks from now. yay. hanging out with that one girl tonite. whats her name. yea. picking her up at 6:30. i had some plans drawn up but she made those not able to be done. great. the fucking guys in the lounge keep screaming, i can hear them and theyre a floor below me. i wonder what the hell they are cheering about. i have to go to class here in..5 minutes.. us/viet nam history. just got through the first test. didnt too that great. didnt do bad. but not as good as i had hoped. i need to get going to class. blech. i need to pay my electic bill too...thats not gonna get any smaller...just when i thought id have some money set aside...blech. I cant wait till i get my VA money! ahh. thats gonna be alot of money. ive gotta go now. ill update more when im outta class.

just got outta class. we watched the rest of the SU game in class. it was fucking excellent. it was soo close. it was edge of your seat entertainment. other than that, class was normal. soon as i got out dubby called me up "uhhh, give me a ride home". thats all i ever hear out of that cock sucker. either that or "ohh, give jess a ride home". douchebag. i told him to walk out to the road. so im purposly taking awhile, so he has to stand out in the rain. ha. ha. ha. ha.
haha, dubby just called me and is like, where are you? and i go, just leaving.
and he starts yelling, WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN DOI- i hung up. hahah

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[08 Mar 2006|10:17am]
[ mood | insane ]

man. it seems like nobody updates this beezotch anymore. you know why? fuckin MYSPACE man. dominating the world. im the only one left. i hope myspace is actually some alien technology that wipes out everybody who uses it. that way, i can have all the campbells chunky soup i WANT! ya bastards.

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[06 Mar 2006|10:27am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

ive felt weird since last night, and not a good weird. i feel like something is the matter with abbie but she isnt telling me. i dont know, usually i can just tell, being with her for 2 years and all. it just seemed like something was off. maybe im just imagining things.

on a better note. a had a ... well a guess not a good weekend. i had drill all weekend. i spent each night with abbie which was nice, but drill all weekend stinks. met up with chris..friday night? yea, friday night, at dennys at 10 pm with abbie. we joked for awhile then he took off. he was texting the whole time, turns out he was texting ash i guess. those wounds would still be awfully fresh for me...but hey, its his show. let him run it, right?
classes this morning were alright. my stupid ass anthro teacher "adjusted" our 3-4 page paper- an ethnography of one particular culture, she altered it to a 7-8 page paper now. didnt extend the due date..just doubled the size of the paper because she felt it "needed to be adjusted to show the amount of work she wants to see us put into it". fucking whore.

man im hungry, you know what for? a fried spam sandwich. and i wanna get my tattoo. now. but i dont have the money. crappy. i actually want two tattoos now..well, 3 if you include abbies little matching tat.

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spitalfield rocks. [02 Mar 2006|12:30pm]
[ mood | tired ]

well i had a great time. yesterday after i got out of school at 1 i waited for chris to finish his last class at like 1:20 or whatever, then we went to his place. we at some chik patties. morningstar food. they were actually pretty good. you could tell they werent really chicken only by the texture. other than that they tastes great. got to play with chris' little dog ween. he left chris a little suprise behind his chair. at like 3 we left and picked up ash. got to oswego sometime around 5, i dont remember the time. hung out with joey in his room for a bit, then chris and ash went for a walk while joey and i got something to eat at the mess hall. err, cafeteria? well had some vegetarian food! tofu chinese. only cuz they were out of chicken strips...but i liked it. after screwing around for a bit we went to the show. first band, built overnight. i liked. they had a generic sound, i cant see them going very far, but they didnt suck. they were alright. the second band, sucked. i really didnt like them. they really played like they were hot shit...and they werent. then came spitalfield. they were great. alot of good songs. one "acoustic" song. it was a good time. hung out with the band life ruiner. canadians. they were cool. they kept saying how they wanted to find some easy sluts. and a place to sleep. so yea. nice guys. went to durgins room after the show. watched tv, tyler showed me what world of warcraft was all about. he denies it..but hes addicted like a hooker to cock. i can tell. watched some south park. then headed out. listened to the hilarious mitch hedberg on the way home. he was fucking HILARIOUS. i was dying laughing so hard. chris dropped me off at my jeep which was at the college parking lot, then i drove home, where barrett was there to meet me. this was at 11. we had a nice long night of drinking. we actually both passed out at 1 just lying on my bed. then we both woke up at 3:30 and had to use el bano. then we went to sleep. (in seperate beds this time).woke up at 9:30...not very awake. or happy. fucking barrett was wide awake though!! we went out to breakfast at the diner in philly. then i headed out to school. where i currently sit. i have a test in one hour. big test. i know not much of the material. this is going to be ugly. im gonna go study now.

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[01 Mar 2006|10:23am]
[ mood | awake ]

kerplah! yea..im tired of starting entries with "well"..it seems like i always do. whats on the "to-do" list for today. well, after school i get to go see spitalfield with chris ! should be fun. abbie wanted me to not go and hang out with her, but shes just rediculous. let me elaborate on that~ sees been saying that since she cant go and have fun at the show its not fair that i go....but not only did she do this EXACT same thing like a month ago (go to a show with chris while i had to work)..but shes doing it again next weekend. she doesnt make any sense. but....alas...she is a girl. and its not their fault. but anyways. going to oswego at 3ish with chris and ash. gonna hang out with cool kids joey and tyler testicle. should be fun. so whats new you are asking. umm..nothing. i think i may not be able to transfer to oswego next semester. i think i lack a language credit. i only got to spanish 3 in high school then i stopped because i hated it. boo. id rather go there NOW. living with my nana is nice and all..but its time for another change. i need change. you know what would be fun? my anthopology teacher was telling us how theyre paying americans to go over to japan and teach managers of buisnesses 75 grand for one year, to try and teach the managers american english. that would be rad. they pay for all your expenses..food. apartment. everything. and you just gotta teach some guy the most complicated language around! ..in one year. which im guessing would be dificult simply because it just so happens..i dont speak japanese...but man would that be fun. the cultural immersion would just be eye opening. but alas..i dont see that happening. ever. the national gaurd might frown on me just..leaving for a year.but it is possible however. this one chick, mason, just left like 2 months ago to australia for 6 months for some teacher thing. i dont think abbie would like it though. me having too much fun without her. go go a no no.


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[27 Feb 2006|12:22pm]
[ mood | awake ]

another amazing entry by zak. just got out of western civ 2. always fun. i actually made a joke today. well i do once in awhile, but today we were talking about versailles, and the professor was talking about how louis XIV would always host huge parties and get the nobles drunk and stuff and he was like, whats one thing louis could find out from getting all his nobles really drunk? nobody was saying anything so just said "umm, whos the best dancer?" this is in big group too,so theres like 60 people in one auditorium. it was pretty funny. guess you had to be there. cock wrecker chris was there of course. he wants me to go with him on wednesday too A) watch him get his new tat B) see spitalfield and I am idaho and some other bands play at oswego. i might go. for some crazy ass reason abbie doesnt want me to go. she wont explain why, but she doesnt. i told her thats not very fair considering just like...2 weeks ago she went to a show with chris without me. so i dont know what her deal is. umm..no work today. or tommorow..or the day after. or the day after. 4 days off. im gonna ask if i can get extra hours, considering i have drill this weekend, so ill have like 8 hours for the week. i need to get a m-fin hair cut too! crap. and get my uniform pressed..AND change the oil in my jeep...AND get laid! good lord! im wayyyy too busy to be on lj typing, see ya!

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Good anniversary. [24 Feb 2006|10:10am]
[ mood | tired ]

well just got out of piano. i was pretty proud of myself. went in there, forgot we had to learn some piece "Love Somebody". so i was like, fuck! i need to hurry and learn this shit before she calls my name! so she calls my name SECOND! i havent even found where the first note is. and im like uhhh..im not ready. so she says alright, and continues down the list. i learn it in like 5 mins. play it perfectly.. bwahaha. other people have been practicing that shit for like 3 days and fucked it up. what can i say...im a prodigy. piano skills must be sexually transmitted. awesome. i wonder if abbie could rock out a bass? hmmm.... anyways. abbie and i went out to dinner last night for our anniversary. we had a nice time out at Fairgrounds Inn. good food. kinda loud though, but it was good. a lovely night with my girlfriend, who, the the chagrin of chirs and i, didnt break up with me. oh well. i snuck in abbies present in my coat. got her a REAL pearl necklace. looks very nice on her. i figured she wears fake ones all the time, she might as well have a real one to back them up. her present is she gets to take us to rochester to see moneen and circa survive. haha, yea right, like im gonna let her drive that far...and back ! it would be at night!...MAYBE she can drive down. but its actually a good thing though, her present, because one of my requirements for music theory is i have to attend a concert of any kind and write this paper about it. so im gonna see if i can get a recorder and get one of those photographer passes chris gets and record the show. that way i can analyze it. and that crap. but it should be an awesome show. i dont know who else is playing but those two bands are extremely good. should be fun. im trying to think if ive seen moneen in concert before but i really cant remember..i might have...not sure. need to save some money for merch... and con abbie into letting her mom give us her car...the way my jeep is acting up..i wouldnt wanna drive 300 miles in that beast. its geting like 10 miles to the gallon. i have to go now. fucking work. well, pay car insurance, then work. oh, also, i slept in this morning and missed my 8:00 class. anthropology. fuck. theres like 3 o's in anthopology...crazy.

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[21 Feb 2006|10:45pm]
[ mood | okay ]

well just stopped in. im tired. ive had a long day. abbie has kept me very busy. well where to start. last night. partied with mike until 5 am. drank alot of beer. woke up around 11:30. layed in bed an hour. called abbie, thought she wouldve showed up by now. she comes over at like 12:30 or something, i cant remember, i take a shower, get something to eat. we mess around in my room for an hour or so. then we head out to dry hill! yeap, we went snowboarding today. that was quite the experience. taught abbie how to snowboard. i thought it was over as soon as it begun tho, the first 100 feet down the hill, when we just got there, abbie fell and said she twisted her ankle. but it turned out to be alright, i had to run over there and unstrap her, she was laying in the snow like she was dead. but she turned out to be fine and we boarded for like 4 hours got home at like 8 maybe. watched about half of baseketball (great movie) then took abbie home. now im gonna go back home. eat. go to sleep. im hungry again.

our 2 year anniversary is the day after tommorow!

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[20 Feb 2006|12:22pm]
[ mood | cold ]

well its a nice monday. snowing like a mofo, and i want to go snowboarding. instead, i have to cut wood all day like a nice indentured servant. had a fun time last night at ashleys 18th. minus spencers stinky ass. that kid was rancid all night. got the watch the gg allin dvd. it was enlightening. i didnt know people that fucked up have ever existed. i mean...he took a dump ON STAGE, while playing...then ate it...and smeared it all over himself...and it doesnt end there, but i get a little sick when i think about it. so ill stop there. so yea, abbie missed out on that excellent entertainment. but it was a good time. watching flavor of love. that show was great....cant wait to see whats next. i got it all figured out tho..l next episode, pumkin is gone, then that was, the last episode has new york and hoops, and everyone will be like, ohh nooo, dont pick new york! and then he will pick hoops as his woman. end of story. well i have to go. time for slave labor. cya kids.

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[16 Feb 2006|03:45pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

but im doing good on the quitting smoking thing. but i know this is hitting personal obviously, but i have to put my opinion in there, i can plainly see you hate matt and them because they broke edge, but i think its dumb that you completely hate them because of a decision they made.

they made the decision to be straight edge just like you, right? people that drink or smoke or whatever (me) didnt start hating YOU because you decided to call yourself edge. because its YOUR choice. thats what its all about man, choice. the choice to do one thing or another. so if this other person were to break edge, to make that choice, i dont think its fair or logical to hate that person. it is their choice. sure i know from your eyes it garbage that they threw away that code of morals or whatever, and you think they are weak, or i dont even know. but still, hating them? i think thats just too strong an emotion towards a person who felt like hey, i want to do this. or i want to do that. like really, you (chris) made the example of its just like a vegan starting to eat chicken. so, are you saying you would hate abbie if she decided she wanted to start eating meat again? my guess you would say no, its completely different. but to me, it isnt. its a choice.

sorry if it somehow offends you. but thats my view. im not edge so i cant say i know i wouldnt hate them for breaking edge, but i know i dont hate people for the choices they make....for the most part. like if you were to, hypothetically obviously, break edge. you would be the EXACT same person to me. not one iota different. and thats the truth. to yourself you would be garbage. but youd be the same person to me.

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[15 Feb 2006|10:17am]
[ mood | tired ]

well i look at my friends page and i see everyone talking about their valentines day so i guess ill follow suit. i had a great time with abbie yesterday. i picked her up from school at like 5:40 where we immediately went to the theresa ice rink. and skated. abbie is no professional. heh. not saying i am, but she didnt wasnt completely showing me up. she said she didnt want to leave me in the dust. yea right. that girl cracks me up. anyways, we had a good time. matt calhoun was working there, hes always fun. he patented a duct tape wallet while we were there, which was astounding. after a couple hours of hockey/ice skating we went to my house and watched parts of band of brothers part 2..disc one. we havent gotten very far. we get distracted easily. well after awhile of just laying around. i took her home and gave abbie her valentines presents. a little bracelet and a very pretty earing and necklace thing. she liked it of course, then when we got to her house she gave me my present, which of course was a sailing boat. chris was right. and jenn, she also got me an elephant. a pink one too. dont know where she got a pink elephant. but thats my abbie for you. actually she got me a book of staff paper for piano, and a bunch of cookies/candy. i ate one of the cookies she made me on the way home and it was excellent. got home at...10:45. and i was hunry. so i said to myself. well if i eat quick, i can be in bed, wake up at 6, and get a decent 7 hours of sleep. so i eat a bowl of white rice. go to bed...and then....

i get a call. i wake up, grab my cell phone, its dubby. he says stephan called, saying he got his car stuck and wondering if dad could pull him out, but dubby didnt wanna wake up dad so he asked me if i would go pull him out with my jeep. im like..yeah whatever. i go back to sleep. this is 12:30. i get a call...maybe 1-1:30, its stephan, asking me if i would come pull him out, hes been out there waiting for me..im like yea sure, give me a couple minutes. i go back to sleep. get a call again. 2:30 this time, its melissa, whos with stephan, asking if im gonna come out there, what am i doing, could i come pull them out. i actually get up, drive 2 miles down the road to the pavillion, where they are currently stuck. i yank them out of the snow bank with my beastly jeep and drive home, and go back to sleep. wake up at 6 for school. go back to sleep. wake up at 8, knowing my first class starts at eight, and go back to sleep. wake up at 8:50, knowing my second class starts at 9:10, and get dressed and catch most of my second class. and here i am now.

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[14 Feb 2006|01:14pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

i dont have class until 2. so thats a while from now. shiet. thats only like an hour actually. oh well. after class im picking up abbie from school at 5:30. then we're going ice skating! gonna be fun. then im going to give her my v-day presents. but naturally she says i cant get mine till tonite... she says its too big to bring to school or something. which doesnt make any sense, i consulted chris about it and he was like..uhh, i dont remember her telling me about anything big. so i am confused. he of course wont tell me what she got me, but thats alright. ill find out later. should be an excellent night with my girlfriend. i guess thats all for now.

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[10 Feb 2006|08:36am]
[ mood | tired ]

hello kids. well ive had a fun yesterday. got out of school. go out to my jeep, and its completly dead. i dont know WHY it died, but it died. so i had my friend mike nelson give me a jump, after 5 minutes of being hooked up, STILL nothing, its actually MORE dead that it was when i started. im like, what the fuck!? on top of that i cant lock it up because its too dead to use the "lock" button, and the key doesnt work on the back hatch, its too froze up. so i got a ride home from a "friend". i say friend, but i dont actually know this person at all. got home, mom was bitching. as usual. got my paycheck from wal mart. a whopping 200 bucks. i thought it was all gone already, that i might have to buy a new battery and/or alternator. well abbie comes over and we watch grandpa bag up 100 lbs or sausage, literally, and then unc shows up, and all 3 of us drive out to J-dub. the original plan was to tow it back. which would of sucked because it would have been cold as fuck in there. but unc hooked up jumped cables and she jumped to life. started it up. and drove it home. then me and abbie tried out this new kind of...fruit snacks. then i drove her home. and that was that. now here i am. just did not so good on a anthro quiz. that bitch. then i have piano. and work at 11. yay me. 8 hours of wal mart. yay me. im so happy i could just shoot myself. well lets see...i work friday saturday sunday..and dont see abbie till tuesday. i have alot of money burning a hole in my pocket...whats a boy to do....STRIP CLUB! yeahhh..thats the best bet right there. i know john wanted to go to a nudie bar. hes asked me a few times at work if i would go with him. one of these days ill go to a nudie bar. just not today. or probably tommorow. but hey, who knows. im done with work by 7...... IT WAS NEGATIVE 15 when i left for school this morning at 7:15. needless to stay, i didnt leave for school till like 7:35. i let that beast warm UP. full leather interior is nice until you have to sit your freezing ass on it.

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[07 Feb 2006|12:55pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

well another boring day. i got to sleep like 10 hours last night! i loved it. ive been sleep deprived the past week. i had drill so even during the weekend i had to wake up at 6. gotta love tuesdays and thursdays. i cant WAIT for this thursday, payday!!! thank god. i can finally afford to breath. how lovely it will be. abbie and i have a few things coming up this month. valentines, and our 2 year anniversary!!!

im taking her to mcdonalds. shes going to love it. we're scheduled to go ice skating on valentines day too. should be fun. abbie can show me up of course. she says shes been ice skating for years and she can skate backwords or something...great. ive been ice skating once, MAYBE twice. cant remember if i ended up going a second time. so yea. nope, i already got everything planned out for our anniversary. we havent been out together in so long, because ive been broke, its rediculous. back when i lived at my parents and worked at price chopper, i didnt have to pay car insurance or books or other bills so i always had money, and we went out alot. but now. not the case. im always broke. but. ill have money to spend, so thats good. drill+paycheck+jcc money. 120 to insurance...80 to books. theres the paycheck gone...im really hungry for chinese all of a sudden. actually i have been ever since i woke up. i literally woke up and had the taste for the stuffed mushrooms at jade garden in my mouth. so good. wow im hungry. okay. im gone, later kids.

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nuts. [02 Feb 2006|01:16pm]
well for the second week in a row i have accidently missed my rececitation for western civ 2. which is NOT good. thats where you learn alot. its by complete accident too. i thought it started at 1:20, but it actually started at 12:30. i noticed this at 1. which is mostway through. so i screwed myself there, now i dont have class till 2. yay. dang. work today too, and i forgot my nice shirt. oh well..guess im not wearing a nice shirt today.. yea right, im gonna have to drive home before work. damn! im so broke its really not funny, this morning, i had to borrow five bucks from my dad IN QUARTERS, just so i had enough gas to get to and fro. thats how broke i am. im not going to have actual spending money till thursday next week. by then, i should get the 250 in the mail, i will get my paycheck, and prolly a week after that ill get my drill pay of 200 bucks. then ill be set. until then. broke!!!! hopefull the check from jdub comes before thursday. i need the money! ill have to get more gas money from mom tonite. im so broke. i hate it.
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